We try it!

We try it: 30 Days of Bikram Yoga vs. Moping

During the last six months I’ve felt like I’ve been standing in front of a tennis ball launcher without a freaking racket, or a good place to hide. In trying to avoid a meltdown, I was spending way too much of my precious post-major-breakup time on the couch with my cat, cursing the fact that […]


What Do You Do?

I’m meeting someone new. Maybe this time it’s a friend of a friend or even that cute boy at the bar I’ve been making eyes at all night. It’s always the third question. Right after they ask my name and how I know our mutual friend, or if I live around here.


Work It On Out: Couch-To-5K

This is the first in a series I will be doing about fitness and exercise.  First, the obligatory disclaimer: I am in no way a doctor, dietitian, personal trainer or what have you. Just a lazy woman with a gym membership.  So, you know, consult a real doctor to make sure you’re healthy enough for […]