Open Thread

This Open Thread is a Coal Miner’s Daughter

Kittens, this Tuesday, I’m feelin’ a little like I was born in a cabin on Butcher Hill.


Jewish Country Music (??)

I’ve always loved country music for a variety of reasons. In addition to how many women artists there are (compared to other genres like rap and heavy metal), country music also has those wonderful harmonies, great use of humor, and unusually creative rhyme schemes (I love how a good country song can rhyme “pain” and […]


That Kampala Twang

As the sun rises over Kampala, the city begins to pulse with life. Taxi vans, belching out thick black smoke, lurch onto the roadside, picking up and dropping off customers. They speed back into traffic, competing for ever dwindling space with honking motorbikes, overloaded trucks, tilting semis, and droves of pedestrians. Breakfast stands open, shopkeepers […]


I Cheated on Myself with Country Music

Let me just go ahead and put it out there for the record: I hate country music. Hate it.


Baking with the Dixie Chicks: Drie-in-de-pan

There are many things I love, for example my U!S!A! U!S!A! patriotic apron, cooking, baking, and the Dixie Chicks. A perfect morning is when all these things come together in my kitchen.