La Dame aux Camelias: The Tragedy of Marie Duplessis

The story has captured many hearts and minds for over a hundred years, and it has almost become a part of our collective consciousness. It’s La Dame aux Camelias, or Camille, by Alexandre Dumas, which chronicles the doomed love affair between a young Frenchman, Armand Duval, and a dying courtesan, Marguerite Gautier. The novel has inspired a […]

Pop Culture

Kitty Fisher and Lucy Locket: Tawdry Origins

We all know that the nursery rhymes we sang as children really have some sinister beginnings, right? “Sing a Song of Sixpence” is really a song about piracy, and “Ring Around the Rosy” has to do with the Black Plague. And remember this little ditty? Lucy Locket lost her pocket Kitty Fisher found it Not […]