Women Who Rock: Janelle Monae

Have you seen those CoverGirl commercials with the gorgeous young woman in a ’60s-style suit, bright red lips, and fantastic pompadour? In case you were wondering, that’s Janelle Monáe and she is amazing. While she’s been compared to everyone from Lauryn Hill to Janet Jackson, I tend to describe her as the imagined love child of […]


Tips for the Cheap and/or Lazy

Do you have champagne and caviar tastes on a beer and chunk light tuna budget? Come with me.

New Show Recap

Recap: America’s Next Top Model, Episode 16.13: “Rose Petals Lead to Tragedy”

It’s the end of America’s Next Top Model for another season. I know you’ve been waiting to see who won, Persephoneers. You can’t spell “anticipation” without the words “Titanic piano.” I am even now playing a swan song on my Yamaha keyboard as this ship o’ moddles sinks into the icy depths of the North […]