Embroidery Basics: Split, Back, and Stem Stitch

I find hand sewing and hand embroidery to be relaxing. I dislike sewing machines; I have a tendency to break needles. By hand, I can sew or embroider while watching television. I’m self-taught when it comes to embroidery and still very much a beginner. If you are interested in teaching yourself, I highly recommend Sublime […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Crafty Christmas

It’s December already! Time to get to work on holiday gifts if you haven’t already (unless you’re already done because Hanukkah was so early this year). If you’re crafting, the days are just flying by, aren’t they?


Surviving the Halloween Costume Craft Project

Having spent my undergraduate years at a school that takes Halloween very seriously, I’m no stranger to pulling together clever last minute costumes.

We try it!

Pinteresting Projects: Orange Candle

So I saw this DIY for a candle made out of an orange on Pinterest. I tracked it down to this Instructables post.


Picture This: DIY Lightbox

This week is a little different. Instead of explaining a technique or demonstrating a composition concept, we’re going make a lightbox.


Style: The Lazy Crafter’s Guide to Homemade Presents

I come from a large Polish Catholic family, the kind where the first wave of immigrants had 6 or 8 or 10 kids and no one has really gotten around to breaking that tradition yet. (Sometimes, I think people talk sadly behind my back about my lone offspring.)