Morbid Curiosity: Tomato Soup Cake

Every once in a very long time, I come across a recipe that looks suspiciously like it might be awful, and to my complete surprise, it ends up being phenomenally good. Tomato Soup Cake was one of those instances.

Cook? When There Are Girl Scout Cookies?

I really do know how to cook. I swear. I make killer lasagna, and roasted sweet potatoes with bell pepper and goat-cheese topping, and some of the most adorable little spice cupcakes with homemade peanut butter cream cheese frosting you ever did see. But it is March. And March means Girl Scout Cookies.

Mini Pumpkin Sour Cream Doughnuts with Cream Cheese Frosting

My love for pumpkin is well known, as is my passion for doughnuts.  My passion extends to spelling doughnuts correctly.  The extra ‘ugh’ in the middle there won’t rub your typing fingers off into nubs any faster.  These doughnuts are both correctly spelled and delicious, and they’re fast and as easy as falling off a […]