We try it!

We Try It: Paying Off $34,000 in Credit Card Debt

Listen, when I was in my 20s, I made some really stupid decisions. Obviously.


Our Bank Accounts, Ourselves

For the past two years or so, I’ve been putting a lot more effort into money management. While my bank account is by no means where I want it to be, and my habits are far from perfect, I feel like I’ve finally gotten to a place wherein I believe that I’ll be able to […]

Pop Culture

Community: Fish in a Barrel

This week’s Community was a doozy, delivering a perfect blow to the documentary-style format that has become ubiquitous in prime time (especially on NBC, Community’s own network). I’ve grown a little weary of this style myself, and in fact didn’t give Parks and Recreation a chance when it first came out because I was just […]


Pros and Cons of Being an Adult

This post is inspired by the grocery shopping that I just did.  As is typical these days, I was stressing out about credit card debt, and bills, and rent and my future and on and on.  And I was like, Jesus Christ, being an adult BLOWS! Remember when you were little and you’re all “when […]