How Not to Act During a Critique

The first time I participated in an art critique was a complete disaster. It seemed that everyone fit into two categories: those who took it well, and those who became incredibly defensive about what was being said.


Book Review: The Curious Incident of the Dog at Night-Time by Mark Haddon

Despite Mark Haddon’s The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time seeming like one of those books that “everyone” has read since its 2003 publication, it was only two months ago when I first picked it up. Perhaps like a lot of readers, the book club in which I participate chose it for discussion. […]


Things I Learned From My Feminist Theory Class (or, I Am a Bad Feminist)

I made a hasty decision to drag out my college experience (thus avoiding the real world) during what should have been my senior year by deciding to tack two minors on to my degree. An extra semester’s worth of credits that would apply to either a Minor in Sexualities or a Minor in Women’s Studies […]


Obama vs. Obama

If you sniff around news blogs, rumors of “Obama’s 2012 comeback” or “Obama’s primary challenge” are starting to metastasize out of all the ugliness and criticism and backlash our dear President’s been facing pretty much since day one in the Oval Office. If you sniff around Fox News, the speculation tends to be shaped more […]


Undone by One Male Stranger’s Critique

About two months ago I had a disturbing experience that really drove home to me how entitled some men (and women, of course, but this post is about  a man) feel they are to offer unsolicited opinions on women’s bodies. Until it happened to me, I thought the epidemic of weird body standards and unthinking […]