How Not to Act During a Critique

The first time I participated in an art critique was a complete disaster. It seemed that everyone fit into two categories: those who took it well, and those who became incredibly defensive about what was being said.


Female Friendship on Sports Night

Earlier this summer, I revisited Sports Night on Netflix Instant. This was my third pass with the series. I watched its original ABC broadcast when I was in high school, then the show was syndicated on Comedy Central during my first year of college. Sports Night was hamstrung by poor ratings. However, I was a […]

Pop Culture

Sanitizing The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo

I’ve been casually following the American remake of Stieg Larssen’s The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo movie, namely the criticism that its being sanitized for prudish American audiences who are too lazy to read subtitles.   But in my opinion, the series was already sanitized for American audiences.  The Swedish title of the first book is […]