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#RocktheCrop if You Want, No Matter What Anyone Says

A piece of disgusting body shaming disguised as fashion advice somehow made it past editors of Oprah Magazine, telling readers how to rock a crop top “if (and only if)” they have a flat stomach.


What if Fat Chicks in Crop Tops Were a Thing When I Was a Teenager?

I have to wonder if examples of women who look like me loving themselves would have affected my self-esteem.

Persephone Birthday

Best of P-Mag: Crop Tops: My Style Revolution

In December 2011, Lauren sMash and I were on the same wavelength. She wrote this awesome piece about wearing crop tops not long before I wrote my own (warning: shameless self-promotion) piece on the word flattering. I love anything that promotes the idea that we should embrace and dress the body we have, no matter […]


Crop Tops: My Style Revolution

My decision to wear crop tops is a big deal. And it’s not just because the ’90s are over a decade behind us.