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Lunchtime Poll: Friend Crushes

Happy Friday, everyone! Since I have been thinking about my biggest celebrity friend-crush this week, I thought I’d ask you about yours.

Pop Culture

Manufacturing a Celebrity Crush

Meghan’s post about JTT and the subsequent comments about all the celebrity crushes of my generation only served as a reminder about my own personal shortcoming: I don’t have celebrity crushes.  In middle school when all the girls were cutting out their Tiger Beat pictures of JTT and Jonathan Brandeis and my sister was rewinding […]

Generation XX

1989 – I Had It (The Right Stuff)

I would never, ever be seventeen again, but what a hoot it was to do once.  I wanted to try everything, in my relatively sheltered way.  I dyed my hair, I traveled a little by myself (well, to see my very best life friend on the East Coast), I smoked a cigarette, I slept with […]



I sat there drinking cheap, weak coffee in one of our many 24-hour diners, surrounded by the rest of the usual suspects. My car was outside with a flat tire, and I really didn’t care. I’d probably be here until it was light out anyway, that was just how it went on Friday and Saturday […]