Catching Sunlight in Cucumbers

Even before the push towards seasonal eating, which focuses on meals that include the produce that is in season (hence the name), some foods were defined by when they were ripe. In Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels, mad men tried to extract sunlight from cucumbers, and it’s easy to see why they’d try it: cucumbers, despite […]

News in Europe

Your Weekly European Roundup

Welcome back from your long weekend ““ just in time for a new European Roundup! Germany is currently finding its way out of the nuclear power era, cucumbers are experiencing a crisis on the European market and Berlusconi is in (serious) trouble.

Tuesday Trivia

Tuesday Fun Time

I’ll be honest, I’m all out of trivia.  By next week I’m sure my useless knowledge battery will have recharged, but for tonight we’re going to try something different.  I’ll give you a list of categories and a letter, you give me an answer for each category that starts with the magic letter.