An Open Letter to Day People

Even though it really has nothing whatsoever to do with the content of this post, please enjoy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’s “Day Man” – I’ll just feel better knowing you’ve recently watched it. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s talk about day people and night people.


For the Win: Rugby World Cup Cheat Sheet

Ireland may be out of the Rugby World Cup – be still, my disappointed heart – but there are four teams still left. And as the matches are on at a slightly more amenable time in North America than in Europe, here’s a quick intro to the game so that you can watch and enjoy. Think […]

International Women's Issues

A Womb in Paris

When it comes to most “differences” between France and the United States, I generally roll my eyes. No, not all French women are skinny. No, the French don’t have a secret compilation of sex tricks. No matter what enterprising authors and Cosmo would have you believe, the day-to-day existence of a French woman and an […]