Op Ed

Psst… Tumblr Serves Up Porn to Minors

(Ed. note: Some NSFW content and images after the cut) I’ll never forget the day I sat down with a large cup of coffee and my daughter’s laptop to do some leisurely Internet surfing. I clicked the bookmarked tab for Tumblr, not realizing that my 15-year-old (at the time) was already logged in and was […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 3/29

Good afternoon Persephoneers! It’s Tuesday, so you’ve already got one day under your belt.  We’re keeping it super simple for today’s LTP, I want to know what you’re having for lunch. I’m about to dig into a cup of coffee and a bagel, because I believe breakfast food works 24 hours a day.  What are […]


My Day at Walk for Choice

Saturday was emotional, thrilling, exciting, tiring, and most of all, unbelievably inspiring. More than 12,000 people RSVPed on Facebook to come to the various Walk for Choice events happening around the nation and the globe. Here’s what my day was like.


Coke Zero Rehab

I quit Coke Zero last week (and with it, abuse of caffeine and artificial sweeteners), but I’m checking in to let you know how my journey to soda-less living is going. Overall, the detox has been a success and, while I’ve certainly drunk more alcohol in the past week than normal, my body feels like […]