Open Thread

This Weekend Open Thread Loves Fuzzy Animals

Show me your pets.

You Complete Me Internet

Useful Pictures for Facebook Comments that Please You

We’ve already covered some fun pictures to use when people on Facebook are annoying, but what about when one of your friends posts something awesome? I can help you out there too! And several options involve David Tennant. Oh, yeah.


Rage at All the Things

There are too many things to be ragey about right now. I need to shower myself and our lovely readers with some joy.


Women in Academia: Sub-Discipline Assumptions

Over the past two weeks, I’ve been introduced to new issues that women deal with in academia and one just keeps coming up: people make assumptions about field of research based on gender.

Op Ed

Breaking News: Women Like Beer

First, a disclaimer: I know there are lots of women who don’t like beer. That’s fine! Since I’m an equal opportunity drinker, I have never judged someone for being into wine or spirits. This is not about women who don’t like beer. It’s about the assumption that NO women like beer.