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Retro Recap: Torchwood, 1.04, “Cyberwoman”

OK, confession time. This is one of my least favorite episodes of the series.

New Show Recap

Recap: Doctor Who 6.12 “Closing Time”

With only one week left to go, our friends at Doctor Who pieced together a lovely bit of storytelling when they brought back our old friends Craig and Sophie for “Closing Time.” ┬áCome along, readers, there are mysteries to solve.

Pop Culture

Morality and Immortality in the Who-niverse

Immortality is a quality of gods and monsters. Zeus, Odin, and the monotheistic God are all immortal, but so are vampires, zombies, and the devil (Voldemort did try his damnedest, though). It is then unsurprising that a tension between moral and immoral immortality would appear in works that feature the possibility of living forever.