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Chocolate of the Day: What’s Your Favorite? (With Gifs!)

It’s chocolate month here at Persephone, so we want to know what your favorite kind is! Are you perfectly happy with some good, old-fashioned milk chocolate? Do you need to know the exact percentage of cacao in your dark chocolate? Or do you not care so long as it gets in your face?

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll 4/7

All the advertising for Easter candy has me thinking today:


How to Feel Good About Yourself When You Don’t

I recently asked my friends, my internet friends that is–who asks their real life friends for advice these days?–what they do to make themselves feel good when they simply don’t.  Maintaining a positive self image is rough in a world in which we’re bombarded with eat this, do that, tan, don’t tan, have you tried […]

We try it!

We Try It! – Bacon Chocolate Cupcakes

When my sister called me Friday to see if I would have time this weekend to bake cupcakes with her ““ which as anyone with siblings knows is code for “˜can I come over and watch you bake me some cupcakes that I will later claim as my own’ ““ I agreed on condition that […]