A Father’s Day Tribute from a Daddy’s Girl to the Man Who Raised Her to be a Feminist (Even if Unintentionally)

My dad has three daughters. I don’t know if he ever wanted sons, it’s never come up. Well, that’s not true exactly; my dad’s never brought it up and it never occurred to me that he’d want any kids but my sisters and me, but other people have brought it up from time to time.


You’re Fat

Hey Persephone readers, I’m new here, so let me introduce myself. I am rosasparks. I am, among many other things a political worker bee, a frazzled, feminist mom, a lover AND a fighter. I spend a lot time at odds with the world around me and in serious thought about most of it. Recently, I […]


Goodnight Persephoneers!

Our friend Hello Kitty recommended that we call ourselves Persephoneers, and I like it.   This photo really doesn’t need much of a caption, but I thought you all might want to see it.

Pop Culture

Father/Daughter Movies: The Good, the Bad, and the Treacly

The two best movies I’ve seen recently are True Grit and Winter’s Bone, both of which heavily feature the father/daughter relationship, which seems to have a special place in Hollywood’s money-churning machine. While mother/daughter relationships tend to fall along a binary–either the women are Gilmore Girls close or they’re Mermaids-style dysfunctional–daddy-daughter movies are permitted a […]


When Size Matters: One Women’s Journey to a Gift that Fit

My mother buys me clothes for my birthday.  I thank her and put them in the closet where they make a nice bed for the cat.  It’s not that I’m ungrateful.  It’s not that I don’t like new clothes. The problem is that my mother buys me clothes in extra large.  I wear a size […]