Three Stories about Black Friday

It’s been looking at lot like Commercial Christmas for, oh, since before Halloween really, but in a few days, retailers and shoppers will be gearing up for one of the biggest days of the season: Black Friday. While retailers have begun to offer wild-and-wacky deals earlier and earlier, extending the shopping window for buyers everywhere, […]


Groupon Brings Coupons into the 21st-Century

I’ve never been much of a coupon clipper, but Groupon has been in the news so much lately (not to mention all over my AdSense) that I had to look into it. Basically, the site brokers deals with local retailers, offering one deeply discounted daily coupon which users can purchase, print, and use like cash. […]

Public Service

It is 2:30 AM

I’m up, and drinking coffee, preparing for my first foray into Black Friday.  I do it for you, readers.   On today’s shopping agenda: Target, Michaels, Bed, Bath & Beyond, pumpkin pancakes at IHOP and Barnes & Noble.  Woo! I’m surprisingly excited, considering how much I dislike the real world and/or other people.