Baby, It’s Still Cold Outside

With the blizzard in New Jersey stranding me in my home, today seemed like the perfect day to do a post on the song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” and guilty pleasures in general. I think I have listened to the Glee version of this song (and watched the clip from the episode) at least 60 […]


Listening While Feminist: In Defense of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

Editor’s note: Please enjoy this featured post from our archives.  I’m a pretty voracious consumer and critic of American popular culture. I’m one of those 3rd wavers who believes that the deconstruction of all aspects of pop culture is an important aspect of feminism or any sort of progressive movement.

Op Ed

Finding Rape Culture in Surprising Places: Holiday Edition?

Discussing and understanding rape culture is relatively new to me; it’s mostly in just the last few years, and largely thanks to my bloggy feminist comrades, that I’ve come to realize that societal norms contribute to the romanticization or normalization of rape. This new awareness has led me to spot evidence of rape culture in […]