The End Of Breastfeeding (Featuring A Pair Of Great Tits)

A heavy frost had settled overnight. The sun crept over the cottage roof across the lane and the frost crept back towards the slates in the shade. I was wondering how the crooked aerial was still clinging on to the crooked chimney stack, as Little Juniper sat on my lap and watched the news channel. […]


“Off the Menu”: The Right Book at the Right Time

Every five years I look at my life. It’s not something I schedule. I’ve always rolled my eyes at perfect type “A”s and their five-year plans. “That’s so not me,” I scoff. Except maybe it is.


Picture This: New Cameras and Photo Walks

Lots of people have been asking about what camera they should buy, and while I am a photographer, I am not a Magic 8 Ball. I can’t tell you which camera is best for you, but I can give you some tips to help you make a good decision. So here are a few things […]


Food Safety: Do You Use the Smell Test?

A recent discussion at my day job about the “smell test” for milk inspired me to do a little research into the confusing world of food sell-by dates. While I was aware of the somewhat soft nature of sell-by and use-by dates, I was surprised to learn that with the exception of baby food, there […]