Pop Culture

Let’s All Flail About Doctor Who: Episode 8×01, “Deep Breath”

It’s back! Finally! (Spoilers, sweetie!)


Friday News Bites: Equality Setbacks, Health Advisories, Sports + More

It’s not too often that I have much to say on the subject of sports, but we’ve got a few stories of note this week, as well as some new hurdles to LGBT equality. Throw in some medical/science-y bits, and we’ve got ourselves a newsy roundup. Let’s get to it:


What’s Your Sign, Baby?

If you answered “Ophiuchus,” then you already know what bomb I’m about to drop–not only is there a previously unknown thirteenth astrological sign, but the dates assigned to all of the signs have shifted. I’m still a Gemini but my bull-headed Taurus husband? He’s now a fleecy Aries, though he’s doesn’t particularly give a damn–I, […]

Public Service

We’ll Totally Help You Look Busy Today

Ha! As if anybody still has a job where they can get away with looking busy.  As much as it sucks being unemployed, I know just as many friends with terrible stories about what this economy has done to the jobs that still exist.  If you’re facing a tyrant boss, ridiculous deadlines, the workload of […]


NaNoWriMo: Live Blog

It’s been a few years since I participated officially, but I’ve always played along at home.  This year, to try a twist, I’ll be writing my piece right here.  Suddenly, I feel a little naked.   Writing without a net can be pretty exciting, so let’s see what happens.