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Gif Party: How I Feel about Ayn Rand

Oh, Ayn Rand! For some, she is a beacon of wisdom! She is the founder of the philosophy of objectivism and graced humankind with her teachings! Her beliefs are the very embodiment of American ideals! She even has two official fan clubs, the Ayn Rand Institute and the Atlas Society. Dear Ayn Rand. How some […]


My Life in Burlesque: On Brains and Breakthroughs

Public nudity doesn’t scare me. Many other things do.

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How Dirty Dancing Showed Me I Was a Grown Up

Somewhere between college and now, I turned into an adult. I’m not quite sure how the transformation happened. When I look back, there are a few moments when it really struck me, I Am A Grown Up. That morning I had to rush The Mister to the hospital, the day we closed on our house. […]