On Being a Feminist Activist with PTSD

[TRIGGER WARNING for sexual assault, domestic violence, and bullying.] Being an activist is hard work even for the healthiest, most well-adjusted soul. Being a feminist activist is especially difficult given the number of threatening, misogynist messages we get on a daily basis from just about everywhere. But being a feminist activist with disabilities? Now that’s […]

What the Disabled Would Like You To Know

As the weather keeps heading toward warmer territory, I find it helpful to give yet another talk on how to be sensitive to those around us who are disabled. Con season is beginning, and summer vacations will be here soon as well – all situations where a large amount of people are trying to navigate the […]

Visible Self, Invisible Disabilities

My name is Jennifer. I am 32 years old, and I am disabled. People like me are not a dime a dozen – but we are around, more so than you know. Many disabilities are completely invisible. Take one of mine, for example: I have something called ankylosing spondylitis. (Say that five times fast.) In layman’s […]

“How Can We Turn Our Sex Life Around After Trauma?”

Q: I’ve been in a long-term relationship with an amazing man who I love and trust a lot. We communicate well and we’re very open about past, present, and future, in all regards. Two major life events have put a long-term damper on our sex life and I’m struggling with how to turn things around.

A Very Valentine’s Day Cannabis Talk Time

Greetings fellow lovers! This special edition of Cannabis Talk Time focuses on Love in several forms; from the biological – cannabis, disabilities, and sex- to the mental/emotional meanings of love and commitments. We hope everyone has a great day and a chance to share some love around in this world. As always, we welcome comments, […]

Another View of Ableism

The Oxford English Dictionary records the first usage of the word ‘ableism’ in 1981. It’s highly probable that disability rights activists have been using this word much longer; many people are surprised to learn that disability rights activism has a history dating to the 1800s, that people with disabilities have been challenging discrimination against us […]