Op Ed

Has PostSecret Jumped The Shark?

This Sunday, out of habit, I typed the PostSecret URL into my browser even though I knew what I would find there would be disappointing.  I removed PostSecret from my RSS feed a couple months ago, but the voyeur in me can’t help but crane my neck to see what is going on in other […]

We try it!

The most disappointing skin-care product

I haven’t been this disappointed with a purchase since I mistakenly bought a bag of decaf coffee and spent a week and a half thinking I had developed a superhuman tolerance for caffeine.   The product in question is the Neutrogena Wave.  OK, it’s the CVS knock-off, but it said “compare to the Wave!” so I […]


Losing My Religion

I didn’t drink, smoke, or experiment with drugs when I was in high school. I didn’t stay out past my curfew; I didn’t even have a curfew.  That’s because my adolescent rebellion took place between 9 am and 11 am on Sunday mornings.  That’s right; my rebellious teenage phase was that I went to church.  […]