The Basics of Preparedness

So you want to start prepping, but you’re at a loss. The whole notion can seem overwhelming, so where do you even start? Do you just go buy 100 lbs. of rice from Costco and call it a day? (No, but 100 lbs. of rice from Costco is a fantastic idea.) Here are a few […]


If You Haven’t Guessed by Now, I’m a Prepper.

This is probably opening a #10 can of freeze dried worms, but if you haven’t gathered by the subject matter of my posts, I’m a prepper.


“They had it coming”: Why Your Facebook Friends Have Been Total Assholes About Japan

After the earthquake and tsunami struck Japan, I was expecting a handful of ignorant Facebook statuses about “blah blah they deserved it because of blah blah.” (RedLightPolitics and I were even making a “media response bingo” card of all the stupid things people say after tragedies.)