Ask UfYH: Holiday Hosting Edition

Q: I’m going to be hosting a bunch of people for Christmas for the first time, and I’m kind of freaking out about how I’m going to get/keep everything clean. My house is pretty clean to start with, but with all of the cooking and extra people, is there anything I should do to stay […]

Lunchtime Poll: Perfect Order

I just got done doing the dishes, and I realized that I have a very specific way of doing them, right down to the utensils. Plates, bowls, cups/mugs, pots and pans, large utensils, knives, spoons, forks.

Baked Pasta, Seasoned With Spite

What is with this weather lately. Microsoft Word is telling me that I should not be ending that with a period because it is obviously a question, but it is absolutely not a real question. It is so full of disgust for this weather-weirdness that I have moved completely outside of the realm of rhetorical […]