What I’m Teaching My Daughter About Privilege

Recently, Time magazine published a piece titled “Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege” written by a student at Princeton. (Honestly, I’m baffled that they would even publish such trash but my increasing distrust of most major websites leads me to believe that it’s all about the clicks. They knew it would go […]

Pop Culture

Are We Ready for an Adult Cory and Topanga?

As much as I love the 1990s, the nostalgia kick has been getting on my nerves recently, especially when said nostalgia comes from people who were barely alive during the decade. However, the news of a Boy Meets World spin-off has shaken my cynicism and made me grateful to the Disney Channel for coming up […]

7 Questions

7 Questions with a Witty Writer

Name this face behind the curtain with the following clues: 1. She likes Lite Bright®.  2. Her balls are famous. C. She has devious offspring.