5 Best Things About Working As A Character At Disneyland (And 3 Myths Debunked)

I grew up in Anaheim, so my history with Disneyland is a long and cherished one. Although I have my critiques on Disney films and television, the original theme park itself (I’ve never been to their other parks) is of theme park superior status. That’s why a lot of folks who end up working for […]


10-Second Anecdotes That Reveal Too Much About Me: Luann

You think you really know a person…


Friday News Bites: Nefarious Undertakings, Equality Progress, Corgis, and More

While it’s heartening to see marriage equality and other similar matters experiencing an avalanche-like amount of progress, I wish I could give you all an entirely happy news roundup again this week. Unfortunately, too much has happened that must be shared.