Women In Academia

Women in Academia: What Are Distractions?

Recently, I attended a workshop series that talked about how to be a more efficient and effective academic. It was not a waste of time, let me say that up front. These workshops can be really hit or miss and this one was mostly hit. It caused me to examine my worst procrastinating behavior ““ […]


Caveat: On Writer’s Block and My Lenten Resolution

So if you read Slay Belle’s writing post from this past Sunday, she made public the challenge that I made in NaNo and Beyond: in the forty days of Lent, from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, try to write a 50,000 word or more novel.  I’m not as picky as the real NaNoWriMo people are; […]


Cellphones Provide A Handy Distraction From Our Need To Be Distracted

I’ve read my fair share of articles on how humans are becoming dependent on technology and how Google is making us “stupid,” but my experience living without my cellphone for two days last week was not at all like the ordeal these articles describe. Instead of finding myself hopelessly dependent on technology (and therefore useless […]