Persephone Pioneers

Persephone Pioneers: Selene Luna

Consider Selene Luna one of the more badass ladies you are bound to meet in this lifetime. The siren of both the stage and screen has cut her teeth as an actress, writer, comedian, fashion model, and activist, making waves all the way out in Los Angeles.


One Pasty At A Time: My Dive Into Burlesque

“It’s… a means to introduce women who are shy about their bodies to enjoy the power of playful and/or confrontational exhibitionism, as well as creativity and self- expression through self-initiated performance.” ““ Jo Boobs Whedon [Slightly NSFW pictures after the cut.]


Five Fashion Bloggers to Get Excited About

I don’t know what it is about scrolling through pictures of other people’s outfits that brings me such inner joy, but I suspect it’s the co-mingling of indulging my materialistic impulses and not having to spend a dime. Before writing this article, I didn’t have any one fashion blogger I followed religiously or felt a […]