Ask UfYH

Ask UfYH: When Your Trash Isn’t Trash

Q: I am moving come January or February 2015. This seems a lot of time, but, as you know, it is not. My problem is not really the “how to move” stuff. I get that (start now. NOW). I am traveling in an RV (which also needs some unfucking so I am starting there) and won’t […]

You Complete Me Internet

A Little Bit of Clixie Dust

How do I love thee, Internet? Let me count the ways …


The Season For Giving

A lot of us like to give to charities throughout the year, and especially during the Holidays.  But how do you know if the charity you want to give to is using your money in the way you want them to, and is an actual legit charity. Last year, when I had money, I gave […]