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Want to learn more about hipster racism, the HPV vaccine, and the latest completely ass-backwards Second Amendment talking point? (You’re gonna want to sit down for that one.) Come on in!

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Holiday Gift Guide – Boys Boys Boys

My husband is a big old Scrooge when it comes to holidays — birthdays, Christmas, you name it, he thinks it is ridiculous. For those of you with gentlemen in your life who are more spirited about the season, here are some fun options for them.


Dudes Have Feelings and Blow Stuff Up: A Review of Chronicle

Essentially, Chronicle is a movie about three dudes in high school who get superpowers. These dudes aren’t particularly close friends prior to a strange, underground organism giving them telekinesis. Their friendship blossoms out of the unique experience. Seriously though, when with a tiny group of people, and some ridiculous shit goes down that group can’t really tell […]


Seriously, Bro? You’re Gonna Go Out Looking Like THAT?

I’ve read in a number of places that negative body image is a growing problem among men. More and more, men are feeling the push to have less fat, more muscle, smooth skin, etc. etc.

Lunchtime Poll

WTP: 4/25

What’s the W for, you’re wondering? WHO! Doctor Who, that’s who!  All the Whovians down in Whoville are scared gray-haired from the gray dudes in G-man suits.  I will be removing the furniture from in front of the doors as soon as we see those scary bastards sent the way of those scary spider aliens […]