How About We All STFU?

Don’t you hate it when someone you think is completely awesome does something that makes you really upset? Yesterday, our friend Dustin over at Pajiba posted a rant about the complaints that people without children make about parents and/or children. And although I think we’re meant to view the post as tongue-in-cheek, it was still […]


Discussion Links: Body-Shaming in “Identity Thief” and “Girls”

Nothing quite raises my hackles like lazy journalism, and this week, I’m certainly not alone. Two different writers, Roxane Gay and Dustin Rowles, take on the body-shaming rampant in the media’s reaction to the film Identity Thief and the TV show Girls.

Serious Business

P-Mag’s Smexiest People Alive

Smexy – adj. The unique blend of smart and sexy that makes Selena feel the good kind of funny and speak of herself in the third person.