Op Ed

The E-Reader Wars Should Be Over

When the Kindle first came on the scene, it was ALL I EVER WANTED. A small device that could hold thousands of books. I talked about it so much that both my mother and my boyfriend got me one for Christmas (thus beginning a long series of Christmases in which they accidentally got me the […]

Serious Business

Love It/Hate It: E-Readers

Welcome to another installment of Love It/Hate It, where two opinionated P-Mag writers mouth off to each other about pop culture.


I Love My Kindle

I placed an order for a Kindle immediately after Amazon announced the price was being lowered (to $139 Wifi and $189 Wifi plus 3G). Traveling is a huge part of my job and I spend an inordinate amount of time sitting in uncomfortable airport chairs, dirty taxi cabs, and lonely hotel rooms. I’m a fast […]