Good People, Bad People

I met someone in Germany last week who had an interesting story to tell. You’ll hear many┬ástories over in the East because it’s a place that’s seen a lot of upheaval in the recent past. But as with most things, it’s not easy to put them away into neat little boxes.

News in Europe

News in Europe: Referendum Day!

Greetings, citizens. It’s Scottish referendum day! History in the making! I’m firmly in the let’s-wait-and-see camp, so go follow the news broadcaster of your choice and meet me here next week to discuss the results.


GDR Nostalgia in Brandenburg

Last week, my sister and I took a bunch of kids on a last big carefree holiday before the oldest ones start school in September. Out of both necessity (we needed a place that we could all reach comfortably by train) and a bout of nostalgia, we decided on a sleepy little town in Brandenburg.