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Positivity Challenge Week 13: Body Positivity

In becoming more positive about ourselves, we’ve tackled hearing nice things about ourselves and getting ourselves moving. This week, we’re going to tackle the hardest type of positivity to master for many people: Body Positivity. TRIGGER WARNING for discussion of body image, body dysmorphic disorder, and eating disorders.


Americans Have a Wait Problem

Most of us have heard it. Many of us have said it. And sadly, the majority of Americans are still doing it. It is waiting. Waiting to live our lives until our scale hits the magic number. Waiting to live our lives until we finally wriggle into the coveted dress size or effortlessly slip into […]


All of These Are About Emptiness: “Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters” (Courtney E. Martin)

In Perfect Girls, Starving Daughters, Courtney E. Martin makes the argument that many girls of her generation are starved for more than just food – they’re starving for perfection, for fulfillment, and are prey to the internalized belief that we are only perfect if we’re sacrificing something for that perfection. The need for an empty […]