Ode to the It Girl: An Interpretation, Albeit a Bit Late

At first glance “Marry the Night” is a biopic of Lady Gaga’s worst day ever: the day she was dropped from Island Def Jam. But on closer reflection, one might understand its Warholian roots. Gaga, who has admitted her Warhol influence from her first appearance on the scene in 2007, never really left him behind. […]


Polyvore Outfits for Icons: Jackie, Frida, Josephine, & Patti

You would think that trying to create Polyvore homages to four widely recognized fashion icons would be simple, but I found the difficulty of pinning down and adequately expressing each woman’s style increased in direct proportion to how plainly they dressed. For example, Josephine Baker’s flapper-ware was a snap to pull together. Patti Smith’s proto-punk […]