The Year of Reading Women: A.S. Byatt

The year is almost over, and how many books written by women did we all read?


Classic Woman-centric Movie Review: “The Virgin Queen” (1955)

Women in power and the things that they may have to sacrifice to maintain that power are the focus of this week’s Classic Woman-centric Movie Review. This week’s pick is “The Virgin Queen,” made in 1955, and starring Bette Davis, Richard Todd, and Joan Collins. The film is a fictional take on the relationship between […]

Op Ed

Don’t Make Windows into My Uterus: On Religious Freedom and Reproductive Rights

Once, a very long time ago, in a faraway kingdom called Jolly Olde England, there lived a newly crowned queen by the name of Elizabeth I. Now Elizabeth wasn’t just any queen. She was the result of a revolutionary break with the established church just because her dad wanted to divorce his first wife in […]