Toys and Tater Tots: A Proposal Story

I feel like I’m reading a lot of stories and seeing a lot of media that feature women who complain about a lack of engagement ring. One reason for this might be a lack of representation of women proposing to men; the only pop culture portrayal I can think of is Monica proposing to Chandler on Friends. […]

Lunchtime Poll

Lunchtime Poll: Engagement Stories

My favorite celebrity got engaged to himself yesterday in ATT Park in San Francisco. Wait, what? Kanye did not get engaged to himself? So my birthday mate, Kim Kardashian, got a nice big engagement story from Kanye thanks to his proposal. 


Stop Waiting! Why John Mayer Can Kiss My Ass

Of all the John Mayer songs I dislike, my most hated (even more than that creepy daughters one) is “Waiting on the World to Change.” It’s an older song, but I heard it played at the café where I was working this afternoon, which set me on edge. I’m not the first person to remark […]