Etiquette: Wine Time II, Electric…Well, You Know.

Last time we talked, we discussed how to order fancy (or not-so-fancy) wine, and the proper way to send it back when it’s all wrong. Today, we’re going to talk about the etiquette of serving wine in your own home, whether it be for a tasting party, nice dinner, or Torchwood marathon day with your […]

Pop Culture

“The Chew” Doesn’t Make Me Want to Spit It Out

How many talk show hosts do you need to have a successful daytime program? I ask this because I’m watching The Chew, a new show airing on ABC that features five chefs/lifestyle experts sharing tips on everything from how to make lasagna to setting the perfect table. The hosts are celebrity chefs Mario Batali and […]


Easy Sunday Brunch (and French Toast Strata Recipe)

Many people are freaked out by the idea of hosting a brunch, thinking it too big or too complicated or requiring too much effort, but once you stop trying to be Ina Garten and just be yourself, you’ll love throwing brunches, too.