Etsy Betsy: Kitchen Housewares Edition

Oh, fuck yeah, kitchen housewares, y’all!

Etsy Betsy: Refrigerator Magnet Edition

Ever want to stick that critical-to-the-success-of-your-life document up on your ‘fridge, only to realize you having to hold it there? Enter Etsy Betsy: Refrigerator Magnet Edition.

Etsy Betsy: Ceramics and Pottery Edition

You may not know this about me (and how could you?), but I am way into using pottery/ceramic coffee cups. And for that matter, I’m into these items for just about everything else, too: salad bowls, cookie jars, water “glasses,” decorate vases, et cetera. As a result, I always have a few good Etsy pottery […]

Etsy Betsy: Vintage Toy Edition

My husband turned 30 last week, and all of this mile-stoning has gotten me thinking about the toys we played with as children, and all of that reminiscing got me thinking about toys from another time entirely. eBay aside, one of the best places to find vintage toys online is Etsy. So, if you’ll forgive […]

Etsy Betsy: Animal-Themed Hair Accessories

Once upon a time, hair accessories weren’t purchased from the clearance section at Target, but from local artisans. In this day and age, we turn to Etsy.