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Escape From Reality: My Favorite Sci-Fi TV Characters

Science fiction has been used as an escape for a long time for many people. I am no different. Though my first introduction to sci-fi was kid’s cartoons, I have grown up with science fiction. It has been one of the most watched genres of my entire life. It has kept me grounded and let […]


The 10 Stages of Reading Internet Comments

As expressed in gifs. 

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Gif Responses for When You Are 100% Done With Everyone

You know those days.

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What I Watched Last Night: Eureka, “I’ll Be Seeing You”

My husband was the Eureka fan first, so I came into this show just from him playing it on Netflix. He’s never really watched it through Syfy, but we’re the type to binge out on shows all at once. Without DVR, we’re both useless for remembering TV schedules. Still, while I’m not Who-levels of obsessed, […]