News in Europe

News in Europe: Crime and Fucking Punishment

Greetings, citizens! It’s all still sunshine and football where I am, but the news carries on. 

International Women's Issues

Savita’s Law and the Sorry State of Reproductive Rights in Ireland

Ten months after Savita’s death, has anything changed for women in Ireland?


Reproductive Rights in Ireland: Part 2

What do these things have in common: secretly driving a van filled with photocopiers around Dublin; removing the back pages from magazines; and the letters A, B, C, D, and X?


Public safety vs. human rights

This is a really difficult subject and article, to be honest. It is about how things never are black and white and reminds me that I in some situations would struggle incredebly to find the right solution. Because in this case, what is the right solution? The human rights of a single person or the […]