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What Heartbreak Solves

Q. My sister is going through her First Major Break-Up. My offers to beat the guy up/egg his car have not been met with the kind of enthusiasm I expected, which leaves me sort of a loss in the helpful department. So I ask: What advice do you wish you had been given during the First Big […]


Sex On The Micro Side: Your Questions, Redux

One of the joys of writing a sex column is the amount of questions we get. Without continued questions, there is no column and no way to talk about experiences or problems we may or may not have experienced. In many ways, it’s a little bit like group therapy, and even though I’m on one […]

Women In Academia

Women in Academia: How Universal are Our Experiences Anyway?

I talk about the importance of open, honest communication all the time but the lack of it is probably the number one problem I experience and witness in my everyday life. Time and time again, I talk to people, one on one, and usually totally unexpectedly, about the obstacles, challenges, and triumphs that they face […]


Where People Go to Teach Overseas

If there is any lesson I’ve learned in my 4 years of teaching overseas, it’s that nothing compares to first hand advice. I can only speak for my experiences in China, Vietnam, and South Korea, but that hardly covers the multitude of options available to people or the variety of different jobs and cultures in […]


The Power of Being a Promiscuous Woman

I have had sex with 37 men. Whether or not this qualifies as being promiscuous in the modern age is up for debate, but suffice it to say that I’ve had enough sex with enough men that I’ve forgotten some of their names (assuming I ever knew them).