Is Fair Trade a Fair Deal?

I am a hippy, dippy, long skirt and Birkenstock wearing, soap making, farmer’s market shopping, non-profit working, dyed in the wool, bleeding heart liberal. I also love to shop. And I love to eat. And I enjoy my cushy life. But, do I enjoy my cushy life to the detriment of others?


News in Africa: 01/24/2013

Happy Thursday, fellow Persephoneers, and this means another round of news from Africa! After the jump, I’ve got updates on the conflict in Mali, AU decisions, and women’s rights. I’ve also discovered an enterprising entrepreneur, and of course, there is a bit about the Africa Cup of Nations. Let’s jump right in!


Ethical Fashion Shopping Guide: Dog Days Edition!

I live in Kansas, and at this point I figure it’s reasonable to assume that it’s going to be really, really hot here for the rest of my life. If you’re in a similar place, it might be a good time to add something new to your hellish-weather wardrobe. Here are some ways to do […]

Op Ed

How Fair Trade Can Change the World

The term “Fair Trade” has been bandied around for several years, and when consumers see a “Fair Trade” label, they may think of two things. They may think, “Oh good, this coffee wasn’t picked by child labor” or they may think,” Seriously? It’s $4 more than the leading brand? $4 dollars?!?” While there is no […]