Q and A with Ms. Vagina Science: Spotting with Implanon, FAM vs. Rhythm Method and using the Nuvaring with PCOS

This week I’ll be answering reader questions!   Dear Ms. Vagina Science,  I have the Implanon implant. And while I love it dearly–no maintenance, low dose progestin, happy skin–I have one side effect. I spot. A lot. Sometimes almost as much as a regular period, sometimes not at all, but it sometimes drags on and […]


Ms. Vagina Science’s Quick and Dirty Guide to Fertility Awareness

So, you want to understand your fertility! Good for you! Maybe you just want to know how it works, or maybe you want to practice the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). Either way, I’m here to help you get started.


Weekly Anime Review

Another week and more episodes to review. I’m not sure what happened this season, but there are a lot of shows with really awesome music. Horizon, Guilty Crown, Fate/Zero and Last Exile have amazing sounds track so far.