Fame, Success and Honey Boo Boo

There are occasional moments when I feel so confused by an aspect of our culture, it’s like being an anthropologist studying an obscure tribe, or Jane Goodall observing chimps. Usually those moments have to do with my teenagers – a joke they think is hysterical which goes completely over my head, or my 16-year-old trying to […]

Pop Culture

Celebrity Books – How Many Are Really Worth Buying?

Over the past few years, it seems like every other celebrity (and I am using this term loosely) has come out with a memoir. Sometimes, it’s someone who I don’t think half of the country has even heard of, and I find myself at Barnes & Noble thinking, Really? Some agent was able to sell […]


The Real Housewives of NY Never Have To Deal With This Shit – Part 2

Part two of my exciting bedbug saga, in which I make my exciting television debut! So, as you’ll recall: I am suing my landlord, Sam, who constantly calls me by my last name.  I have enraged my roommate Gabby, who is being bullied by Sam to get me to drop the suit. And I have […]