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Open Thread: Monday Night Mischief

Good evening, Persephonites!


How to Fight More Productively

I spend my life surrounded by attorneys. My father, brother, and sister-in-law are lawyers, and I have managed a mid-sized law firm for the past 9 years of my life. People have tried to set me up with attorneys repeatedly over the course of my dating life, perhaps thinking being surrounded by litigators 50+ hours […]


Holiday Polyvore Outfits: Cookie Baking, Fireside Snuggling, and The Family Dinner

This week we’re back with a few more “holiday situations” which may spark your desire to dress intentionally, whether that  means wearing candy cane-scented lip gloss or breaking out the secret, poison-filled ring. What, you don’t already have one? They make delightful stocking stuffers!


Crutches in Cooking

Those of us who consider ourselves to be good cooks may not like to think that we have a crutch when it comes to cooking, but many of us do. What do I mean by crutch? Well, it’s more than just flair or a style”¦a crutch is an ingredient that you use too much. It […]