Persephone Birthday

Birthday Giveway: Personalized Fanfiction from MJ

Simply put, fanfiction is new fiction that is created using established characters from books, TV shows or movies. Repeated use of the phrase “Oh, my” is optional.

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About Fanfiction

They run and hide in a cave, the ocean around them, and it’s only later that Osha finds him, picks him up even though he’s too big for it now, and whispers to him in the Old Tongue. Sometimes Rickon forgets the Common Tongue; sometimes he tells Osha he wishes he was a wildling like […]


My Twitter, Myself

I have a love/hate/don’t look! relationship with social media. Meaning – I love it, I hate it and am somewhat mercurial regarding sharing it with the general public.


The Subversive Act of Writing Fanfiction

I’d wager that a lot of us were fans before we had even heard of such a thing. You might have been one, too. I wouldn’t be surprised.